Daily Horoscope for Fri, Mar. 15th, 2019


You are making some positive impressions on some very powerful people right now, and today your perseverance will pay off handsomely. Get ready to be invited into the inner circle, through either a social or a work-related invitation. The nature of your time with these people isn't as important as the length of time you will have with them. Do not be nervous—these people want to get to know you better, and in order to portray yourself accurately, you need to feel relaxed and optimistic.


You are feeling extremely good today, and it shows! Your intense positive energy is amplifying your sex appeal and really getting you noticed. Expect double takes and sizzling glances wherever you go. Are you wearing a new cologne? Did you get a new haircut? Have you been trying something new at the gym? Whatever physical change you have recently made is working wonders, so just keep on doing it!


When you agree to do something today, you have to stick with it. It's not wise to commit yourself to doing something while simultaneously creating an escape plan. If you don't want to be involved, don't get involved. Calling in sick at the last minute is not the right way to remove yourself from a situation (unless you truly are sick, of course). This type of flakiness is not as harmless as it might seem. Honesty will help you avoid getting a bad reputation.


It may be extremely tempting to let other people take the reins today—after all, life can be easier when you just go where you are told to go and do what you are told to do. However, it is very important for you to fight this urge right now. The universe is giving you opportunities to initiate new schemes, social plans, and personal projects—and you should try to take advantage of at least one. You have to push yourself toward goals or experiences that you really want.


Sometimes being part of a team is empowering—when many people combine their efforts, they are much more powerful than one person can be on his or her own. But being one of many can also make you feel insignificant, as if you're just a cog in a machine. Today is definitely a day for individual endeavors—you will not do well in team environments. Let your conscience and your creativity guide you.


There is a great deal of collaborative energy humming around you now, so it would be wise for you to take advantage of it to get some of your least-pleasant errands over with. Get with someone smart who you like on a personal level, and see if he or she wants to help you out. With this person's good cheer and brilliant ideas, there is a lot that you two can achieve. Combining forces is always a good way to get further faster—and have loads of fun.


Beware of the magnetic pull of your social circle. You have to keep your priorities straight, and (unfortunately) painting the town will have to wait until your work is finished! Don't procrastinate. If you've got something boring or unpleasant to do, do it as soon as you can—the faster you finish, the sooner you'll be able to relax and have fun (without any 'procrastinator guilt' hanging over your head).


Waiting for things to change in your life is frustrating. More than ever, you need control right now, because when you have more say in the direction of your life, you have more power to choose your destinations. Step up and take over some of the steering on this ship! If you can't be the captain, at least work your way up to being the first mate, and you'll gain more peace of mind about where you're headed. Charm and reason are all you need to get the power you deserve.


An analytical friend's advice is humming in your mind—you are amazed by this person's certitude. To you, life isn't always black and white like that. While your appreciation and consideration of the gray areas in human relationships may make your life more complicated, would you have it any other way? Do an experiment today and try to avoid deliberation. Make decisions immediately. Find out whether constantly debating yourself is worth the time it takes.


Shy away from anything emotionally or physically dangerous today—you should be concerned about safety. A new opportunity has more risks than you initially realized, and you will have to do some thorough research to make sure that you are up for it. If you are feeling a bit fragile, then let the people in power know that this might not be the best time for you. There is no need to push yourself on this. Play it safe—this opportunity will come up again.


Given the huge wave of creative energy you're riding right now, there is absolutely no excuse to be bored today! You can make your own entertainment easily, either by grabbing your most eccentric friend for an impromptu hike or by going off alone and checking out that new exhibit at the museum. You can have fun and keep your brain exercised in very humble ways. Learn to appreciate the amusing nature of everyday life.


Let your eyes and body language do all your talking today. A lot can be communicated with an arched eyebrow, a nod of the head or a hand gesture—and often what you say physically has a lot more impact than anything you could say verbally. This does not apply only to romantic flirtation. Even in business meetings or other professional environments, you should try to say things with as few words as possible. Today nonverbal communication is the best way to get your point across.


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