Trent Vogelhuber: From on the Ice to Behind the Bench

[From the Cleveland Monsters]

A lot can change overnight.

For Trent Vogelhuber, Monday, October 22nd was just another day of practice at OBM Arena in Strongsville, Ohio as preparation continued for the Monsters’ upcoming three-game road trip to Chicago, Milwaukee and Rockford. Like most practice days, Vogelhuber and the rest of his teammates got plenty of work in while on the ice: skating in and out of drills, passing, shooting and the like.

By the time practice rolled around on Tuesday morning, however, something was noticeably different. Though Vogelhuber was taking the ice once again, this time he was doing it with whistle in hand as a member of the Cleveland coaching staff.

For the Monsters new assistant coach, it was a whirlwind 24 hours and after facing a tough decision that ended with him hanging up his skates, Vogelhuber is excited to begin the next phase of his career.


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