VIDEO: Let's Win The Blended Burger Contest [VIDEO]

Published on Jun 7, 2019

Here's your chance, Cleveland! You can vote to send one of our top area chefs to New York City to cook at the historic and prestigious James Beard House and take home a $5000 prize as the winner in the 2019 Blended Burger Project.

Here to explain it all is Steve Solomon, culinary strategist for the Mushroom Council. Starting Memorial Day (5/27) and running through the end of July (7/31), participating chefs are designing and preparing creative, innovative burgers using a healthy and sustainable blend of mushrooms.

Clevelanders can vote online for their favorite blended burgers from area chefs, and the top 5 will make the trip to NYC and everyone wins! If the burgers our superstar chefs prepared for us in the video are any indication, our culinary culture is second to none. And it's time we took home the prize. VOTE here:

This video is from the Cool Cleveland YouTube Channel.


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