How to Interpret icons and numbers

The icons and numbers that appear on a tile and a post page are the statistics for that item.

  • Anyone can VIEW an item (they do not have to be a member).¬†
  • Number of VIEWS is incremented each time the post page is viewed (not the post tile). In other words, the detailed post has to be viewed, not just the summary tile.
  • The number of VIEWS may include multiple views by the same person. This means that if an item has 5 VIEWS, it may have been viewed by 5 different people, or by the same person 5 times.
  • Only members can LIKE, DISLIKE, or COMMENT.
  • A member can only LIKE or DISLIKE the same item one time. ¬†This means that if an item has 10 LIKES, then the item has been liked by 10 different people.
  • A member can comment on the same item any number of times (if the item is set to allow comments).
  • The number of COMMENTS excludes FACEBOOK comments (if they are enabled).

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